Google analytics if needed

Make client set up account and add me as admin

Connect GA to google search console

Create a free google search console account and verify account by having GA

In property setting on GA click adjust search console



Create multiple views

In GA under account, property and apps create :

  1. Master View = This is the main view you’ll do all your analysis with.
  2. Test View = Before adding a new setting to your Master view, add it here first. This allows you to test it out before impacting your real data.
  3. Raw Data View = Leave this view completely untouched without any settings configured. If something goes horribly wrong, you always have this base data to work with.



Implement e-commerce tracking

Go to GA e-commerce setting and turn on e-commerce tracking 



Create custom alerts

Set alerts that compare to previous week

Set them for positive and negative


Add an office IP filter

Exclude our own IP address